First Day Teaching!

Monday May 9, 2011

Today was absolutely wonderful! Like so incredible! I cannot wait to do this every day of my life. I started by asking if they wanted to know anything about me but they were very shy and didn’t want to ask anything so we jumped right into the lesson. First we reviewed the logarithm rules and I wrote up the beginnings of them, for example, log(AB)= _________ and had them come up and fill in the rest of the law. They were really timid at first but once I got one person to come up it was pretty easy to get more people to come up. We then worked through some examples. I started with showing an example and they helped me through it. I think this was a new concept for them but they were able to reason through it pretty well. I was very impressed. We then worked through three more complicated problems and I gave them time to work in groups and discuss the problems before writing the answers on the board. I then had the students come up and write the answers for me. They loved coming up to the board and they even seemed to be enjoying figuring the things out. We had one hitch just with using the logarithm tables, which is so different than what I’ve ever used. I love my calculator. But we were able to work it out as a class and figured out the correct answer. Overall it was just really wonderful and I’m surprised I really don’t have more to say.

I then observed Zack’s class. The teacher finally showed up then. I don’t know where he was for the first hour and half. Zack’s class went pretty well, too. We decided to have them ask questions at the end and they were much more willing then. They asked about what music we like, what movies we like, what we do in our free time, what we’re doing here. We talked about sports a lot; they love football (soccer). They also got really excited that we have facebooks. I’m going to get like a million friend requests tonight. I loved just chatting with the kids, though. They were great. I was talking to a lot of the girls and they want to be doctors, engineers, and accountants, which made me really happy. Then we just sat around for a really long time planning lessons and chatting. The teachers decided to have a staff meeting and we got isolated to a different room which was really awkward for a bit but I’m kind of glad because their meeting was actually still going when we left.

Purdue comes tonight and they’re going to be all about getting on the internet to tell their families about safe arrivals so I probably won’t be on again later because the internet slows way down when a lot of people are on.

Love you and miss you,

Love, Cassie


~ by Cassie.Becker on May 9, 2011.

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