Maasai Market

The Maasai Market was quite an experience. I feel as though every day is a new adventure here. We went through and it was this incredibly huge market. We were there for an hour and still didn’t see everything. I think there were 5 rows with maybe 20 shops down each and then around the back and front there were even more shops. Each shop had your typical African souvenirs. Bracelets, masks, necklaces, paintings, sandals, wooden animals, bowls, coasters, everything. I ended up with some awesome souvenirs for my best friends and 3 banana leaf collage-ish things. I ended up with a zebra, a rhino, and an elephant. They’re really really sweet. I wanted a giraffe but the guy I got them from didn’t have any. I turned down one guy with them because he wanted $20 for the three, but I got my three for about $13 which is an awesome deal I think. It was a little different from the street vendors, but they still did hound us. The difference was, though, that they didn’t follow us around. They were really adamant once you walked in that you buy something and they would stand in the doorway so you had to literally shove them out of the way to leave. I almost left both times I was buying something but then they agreed to my price. Overall, a very positive experience.
On a different note, school went well again today. I taught more complicated log properties and I think they were catching on pretty well. Tomorrow I’m giving them a quiz. I was impressed my school has a copier so I could hand write my quiz and then have it photocopied. I guess I’ll see how well they understand it then.
Since I’m apparently writing today backwards last night we had a lady come in and measure us to make skirts and dresses out of Kanga. I’m having one of each made out of this really pretty blue, black, and green fabric. It only cost me like $17 to get them made and like $5 for the fabric. Pretty good deal for a custom made skirt and dress if you ask me. Plus she’s bringing them back for a fitting and then adjusting them if need be. I have another fabric that’s really pretty but I didn’t want clothing out of it. I was thinking of getting something done for my friends but I just can’t decide what.
Well, I guess that’s all. I feel as though my posts will start getting shorter and shorter since everything is starting to feel less and less new. I feel like I actually belong here now. I love it and if I didn’t have so many people I love at home I would consider staying!
Love you and miss you,
Love, Cassie


~ by Cassie.Becker on May 10, 2011.

One Response to “Maasai Market”

  1. i would very much love you forever if you brought me home a souvenir! i do collect elephants (: hehe i love you and hope everything is going great! Be safe!

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