Into the Swing of Things

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today went so well! I began my lesson on congruence and the kids were just really responsive and interested in the lesson. I started with definitions which were kind of boring, but they had to be done. I moved on then to a couple proofs. The first proof was just mathematical about angle bisectors. It went pretty well. The second problem I added a really just unrealistic context to it, but they loved it. I drew a soccer (football) field and put 5 players on it. Why were there only 5 players on the entire field? I’m not really sure… I wanted them to prove that the angle between two players was equal to the sum of the angles between some other players. It was really silly, why would you ever care about the angles between the players? But they just loved it. I let them work on the problem with each other for a while and for the most part they were actually attempting it. Then when it was time to review the answer on the board the kids were all silent and ready to hear the answer. It’s crazy to think about how such a silly context can keep their attention so well. I was supposed to give back their logarithm tests and let them have time to work on them together, but I had only gotten through 2 of the 3 proofs I had intended by the time I wanted to give back the tests. I decided to ask the students what they wanted to do. They could either go through another proof with me or rework their tests. An overwhelming majority voted for another proof. That just shocked me. For the students to want to do another proof was very unexpected. The problem was about a mountain and the angle between the mountain and the ground and the mountain and the cloud line. Again, a silly context but it kept their attention. I was so impressed with how receptive and interactive the students were today.

Then in the teacher’s lounge the teachers were just awesome today. We were studying our Swahili and they were all about helping us and laughing at us. We were asking them about the names in Lion King. Obviously Simba is lion and Rafiki is friend. The rest are a tribal language and not Swahili. We were asking though and we forgot that the bird was Zazu and asked what Zuzu meant and after about a full minute of laughter we were informed that zuzu means imbecile. It actually fits Zazu, though, so I’m wondering if there’s a connection.

After school we conquered town. We went to a book store, a money exchange place, and a grocery store. We’ve stopped being crazy harassed in town and now we get a few people but usually a “hapana asante” will get them to go away quite quickly. We had split up to run all of our individual errands and by the end three of us girls were walking around town by ourselves. We felt so accomplished for being able to handle that!

Overall it’s been quite a wonderful day and there’s still 6 hours before bedtime!

Love you and miss you,

Love, Cassie


~ by Cassie.Becker on May 16, 2011.

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