Another Day in Africa

I taught side side side congruence and side angle side congruence today. It took students longer than I expected to complete the lessons. First I needed to collect the revised logarithm tests and for some reason it took my students about 10 minutes to pass the tests forward. I had to ask multiple times and explain myself in several different ways. I’m guessing they don’t normally pass things forward but rather bring them forward or the teacher goes around and collects them. I was really worried after this though and thought the entire lesson was going to flop. To my surprise, it went really well. I didn’t get done nearly as much as I had intended but that’s alright because I think what I did accomplish was worth the time we put into it. I put up two different examples on the board and asked the students each to do one of them. Most of the students were able to get through their problem with a little guided help and about a quarter of the students were able to do both problems in the time allotted, which I was rather impressed with. I found two students to write up on the board and then we discussed the answers. For SAS I only had time for one example. I had different people write each statement on the board. I choose some of the more shy students to write on the board this time. Some of them were a little hesitant, but after some reassuring that their answers were correct they were willing to do so. I think my students lose focus rather easily and I’m struggling on how to keep them focused and writing the things down in a timely manner. About 80% of students get things down very quickly, but there are some slow ones and I don’t want to move on without everyone on the same page. I need to figure out where the balance is. Because of these students my lessons are going rather slowly. I think I might try to use the board space more wisely so that when I move to an example I can leave everything else up. Then the slower students can work on copying down the example while the quicker students work on it. I know this puts the slower students at a disadvantage because they don’t get class time to try examples, but waiting for them puts every student at a disadvantage because we don’t cover the material we need to.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the lesson. I have a Swahili quiz tonight which I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’ve studied a decent amount. I feel like I don’t know anything but when I was studying at school I was able to recall almost all of the words. I’m terrible at verbs and tenses, though. I can say animals, numbers, and foods, but that’s not all that conversational. I can’t really make any sentences or anything. Besides basic greetings, that is.

Did I write about getting my skirt and dress back yesterday? The dress didn’t sit quite right so she’s adjusting it but the skirt is ADORABLE! I wore it today and I absolutely love it. I will definitely be wearing it back in the states.

Just for Roni: There was a spider in my hair yesterday at school. I almost died. There was a spider on my foot about 2 minutes ago. It just makes me think of that one time we were going to my grandparents and there was a spider on you…

I guess that’s all to update for the day.

Love you and miss you,

Love, Cass


~ by Cassie.Becker on May 17, 2011.

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