The days keep flying by. I can’t believe we’ve been here two weeks already! At the same time it feels like we’ve been here forever. Today I taught AAS and RHS congruence theorems. The kids were actually attentive and were doing really well with their proofs. Lisa, Rebecca and Cynthia came today and videotaped part of my lesson. I was really worried that my students were going to be very distracted, but it was quite the opposite. The students were very attentive and quiet. I kind of wish they were videotaping me every day! I collected homework today and their proofs are looking very nice. I feel like this is a complete turnaround from the logarithms unit. I was telling the students that I will be gone on Monday and that we are having a test on Wednesday and they all got really nervous. They wanted to know if there would be logarithms on the test. After reassuring them that it would just be over congruence I think they were much more at ease. I am getting more and more comfortable being here and teaching. I almost feel like it’s my classroom with my students. I am learning some of their names which is really cool, but some of them are hard to say. I have like 4 kids in my class named Mohammed. There are a couple names I am familiar with like Joanna, Eric and Rachael. There are also some names that are English words, but they’re not common names: Peace, Sunday, Queens. Finally we have the majority of students with names I’ve never heard before in my life: Armadeep, Aisha, Hamdi, Zamzam, Zaynab. When I passed back tests the other day the students just laughed and laughed at my slaughtering the pronunciation of their names.

I am to the point where I’m missing some things from home. I’ve been missing people and the comfort of having a place to call home this entire time, but now I’m missing some other things too. The Out Post is starting to feel like home so that’s helping things. Zack bought some chocolate yesterday for his students and I had a piece and it was pretty gross. That made me start craving a chocolate bar like crazy. I already told Brandon that it would be super awesome if he brought me a chocolate bar when he picked me up from the airport. I’m also missing some of the other foods. I can’t wait to get home and have a cheeseburger. A nice make it at home on the grill cheeseburger. (hint hint Mom). I also miss being able to go the places I want to go without finding two other people willing to walk with me while it’s light out. I love having a car and being able to drive places. All of that is not to say that I do not love it here because I definitely am. It’s absolutely incredible. I am so happy that I am going to teach for the rest of my life and the kids are such a blessing to be around.

I am really excited to go to the Serengeti this weekend. We are going to see so many animals; it’s going to be absolutely amazing. We are going Friday – Monday so I probably won’t have internet then. Also, for those of you who I haven’t told: Tanzania is redoing its whole power system. This means that from Thursday-Sunday I think we have power only 11pm-8am and then from Sunday-Friday we have no power at all. This means charging things will be very difficult and I might not be on at all. Don’t worry. Everything is alright.

Love you and miss you,

Love, Cass


~ by Cassie.Becker on May 18, 2011.

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  1. Your Grandfather and I are so proud of you. Keep up the great work and we love being able to read your blogs. Thank you and be safe.

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