What a weekend! Where to even begin? So much has happened in the last four days it’s absolutely incredible!


We headed out around 8am and arrived in the Serengeti around 10:30. The animals were more sporadic than expected but we still saw tons and tons of animals. I think the most incredible thing was the zebras. There were somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 zebras. It was very overwhelming and incredibly awesome at the same time. They just kept on going as far as the eye could see. There’s no way to even describe how awe inspiring it was. You just wanted to stay there forever and watch them frolic in the field. We also saw lions from a distance sunbathing on a rock. Lots of buffalo, gazelles, birds, giraffes, wildebeests, baboons, hyenas, warthogs, ostriches, leopard. I think there were more. It was just incredible. In case I haven’t said that enough yet. We also got to see a leopard sleeping in a tree with a fresh kill. That was pretty grotesque, but pretty cool at the same time. It was just asleep in the tree with its antelope half eaten over another branch. It got up and moved a little while we were watching it but it was still in the tree the next day when we drove by.

We then went to the hotel which was just amazing. There were little huts that we stayed in but they were furnished like a 5 star hotel. We arrived and were immediately handed hot towels to wipe our faces and juice to drink. The dinner was so delicious. There was a build your own pasta option and a lot of other good food. More American than African but it was a nice change. The place was absolutely beautiful and the view from our balcony was to die for. I cannot imagine waking up to that every day.


We went out into the Serengeti again and it was pretty dang sweet. We hooked up our ipods and rocked out to music as we were looking for animals. Everything looked even better when we were listening to Circle of Life. We got to see lions really close up which was amazing. They were sleeping under a tree and we drove right up to them. I could have reached out my window and pet them. We saw some elephants out in the distance but came back the wrong way to see them close up, so that was kind of a bummer. We saw some cheetahs way in the distance, too. That was actually pretty cool. We didn’t get to see them run but that’s alright. I think my car Saturday was just awesome. We were having so much fun just singing and we stood up the entire ride home through a really bumpy forest which was really dumb and really funny and incredibly entertaining all at the same time.

We went back and stayed at the same hotel which again was just awesome. We just hung out and played a lot of euchre during the night. Which is a typical night here at the Out Post too.


Ohhhh Sunday. Sunday was kind of a lame day. First off, we were in a car with the Purdue professor who just has a conflicting personality with a lot of the people on our trip. Secondly, only three vehicles can be on the same wavelength for radio communication at a time. We have four vehicles to fit us all. We were of course in the one without the radio and the driver didn’t get the memo as to where we were going in the park. We drove straight to a rest stop, but everyone else went out and got to see some pretty cool animals. We then sat around the rest stop for 2 and a half hours waiting for everyone else. Once they arrived we immediately left and headed straight to the hotel while everyone else stayed and enjoyed lunch because the Purdue professor was feeling ill. Yeah that was pretty awesome.

We went to a different hotel for this night. This was one was even prettier than the first. We were greeted with the same hot towels and juice. We had to deal with checking in the group which was kind of a pain because we didn’t really know what was going on and the professor was pretty sick so she couldn’t help and they shorted us a room. Anyway, we got that all figured out and then hung out and (you guessed it) played some euchre. We were able to just laugh it off for the most part so that was good.

Oh, I forgot! One good thing did come from the two and a half hours at the rest stop. We met this guy from LA named Camile and he was here with his parents. They were Native American but they were born in Dar es Salaam, so they were visiting family and enjoying safari. There’s this African mountain man who uses roots from a tree and makes this medicinal drink. It supposedly can cure any illness including cancer and AIDS. It’s not very expensive to get the drink, but getting up to see him is quite difficult. Camile’s mom has cancer and his dad has high blood pressure so they were trying to get things sorted out to go see him. After lots of help from Dave (their guide) and many phone calls they were able to organize it. So they’re headed up there today. It’s kind of interesting because I’m not really sure I believe it, but I think if I was here and had some serious health problem I might try it.


Our last day on safari. We spent it down in the Gnorognoro Crater. There were so many animals in the crater it was crazy! It wasn’t like the Serengeti where we saw animals every 30 minutes or so, it was like constant animal sightings. We saw so many lions really close. One peed on our car. Which was actually kind of neat because then all the other lions we saw wanted to come up and smell the car. There were maybe 15 total. We saw 2 cubs and they were absolutely adorable. We also got to see elephants pretty close. Not as close as the group on Saturday, but pretty close. The only thing we didn’t get to see was a rhino. Or a kill. But other than that it was absolutely amazing. It was freezing in the crater, but when we were driving home it was so hot.

Now I’m back at the Out Post preparing for my last week in Africa. I’m ready to come home because I miss everyone but at the same time I love it here and don’t want to leave. I’m going to miss the people I’ve met here (even though I get to see them on campus in the fall. Yay!) and my students. They are just such sweet and appreciative kids and it’s definitely going to be hard saying goodbye. Because of the way my schedule is I only get to see them two more days, and one of those days I’m giving them a test. Lame.

Love you and miss you,

Love, Cass


~ by Cassie.Becker on May 23, 2011.

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  1. Sounds wonderfull!! 2 sentences I like….my last week here in Africa (!!!!) and one peed on our car! I love you my Cassalope! There better be tons of photos to go w/ your stories! xoxo come home safe! I love you! xoxo

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