Back to School

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Back to school today. I was pleased to hear that the math teacher taught my/his class isosceles triangles yesterday so I could just do a review day before the test I’m giving tomorrow. I think this test is going to go much better than the last one because I taught all the material so I know more where the students stand. They have been really impressing me with their proof writing abilities.

Some of the girls approached me in the courtyard today and were just chatting with me and they were asking me what type of things I like. They wanted to know if I like cultural things like necklaces or Indian things or henna. I told them that yeah, I guess I like those things and I asked them why. They apparently want to get me gifts. That’s really sweet but I don’t want them to spend money on me. I did let them convince me to get some henna tomorrow though, so we’ll see how that goes.

We went back to the Masaai market today and I did pretty good bartering I think. I got gifts for James, Scott, Brandon, Kai, and Roni for about $30. Can’t really complain about that. It’s still really overwhelming because there are somewhere around 100 shops and they have all the same stuff. Everyone beckons you to their shop and promises the lowest price.

I’m loving this trip so much and I feel like I’ve grown in a lot of ways. I really appreciate my life in America a lot more. I thought after going to Jamaica that I was pretty much to the point where I knew what I have and I appreciate it, but it keeps surprising me. They have so little here yet they are so giving and willing to share. I also feel like I’m more understanding of some of their culture. For example, polygamy: it’s definitely not for me and I have a lot of strong opinions about how it’s disrespectful to women, but I’ve learned a lot about it. The man marries one woman to begin with and then she’s responsible for the chores around the house (or hut). When the chores become too much is when she wants another wife. The women won’t take wives unless they love them, too. So it’s not as disrespectful as I had previously thought. I’ve also become more aware of how the students interact and how they are similar to and different from American students. I feel like the students are way more appreciative here. They have a lot of the same adolescent thoughts and problems as American students, though.

Well I think that’s all of my ramblings for the day.

Love you and miss you,

Love, Cass


~ by Cassie.Becker on May 24, 2011.

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