Plugging Away!

So I’ve “finished” lessons 2 and 3. I completed them myself and thought they were engaging, but the problem is I like math. I’d even say that I love math. So would these be engaging to my students?

After a friendly nudge from my professor (@mathhombre), I stopped worrying about what my students know and don’t know. Why should they be limited by my low expectations for them? I understand I can’t start asking them to prove the Squeeze Theorem (my homework for the week), but I can ask them to explore without limits.

So, if you would be so kind, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Anything positive (You’re a genius! These are great!), anything negative (How do you expect to be a math teacher when you added 2 + 2 wrong in the solutions?!), anything in between (eh. They’re better than bookwork, but will they actually engage students?). Maybe some of those things are a little extreme, but seriously, ANY feedback would be graciously accepted!


Lesson 02 — What’s in a Name? Functions

Lesson 03 — How Much Cashback?


~ by Cassie.Becker on January 27, 2012.

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